Dual band Anti-Jamming OEM mini-PCIE GNSS Module

  • Dual-band anti-jamming OEM module: up to 2 frequency bands simultaneously (consider specified options)
  • Multi-system solution: GPS/ Galileo/ GLONASS/ NavIC (IRNSS) (consider specified options)
  • Interference resistance up to 3 jammers simultaneously for each of frequency bands
  • Up to 90 dB J/S performance
  • Low power consumption: 5 W … 7 W (depending on options)
  • Compact form factor for easy integration in system


The purpose of using the KV-AJ2.C-OEM module is to ensure stable reception of the navigation signal in conditions of staged interference. The module can be used with the KV-AJA phased antenna array, and can be separately integrated into a third-party device. The product supports the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, NavIC satellite constellations and can be employed for the land, sea, air platforms (including unmanned aerial systems) and fixed installations.

Coupled with the use of a multi-band 4-element antenna array (the module can be provided by Kosminis Vytis), dual-band solution allows to suppress interferences in up to 3 directions on two frequency plans simultaneously. This approach provides significantly higher protection against interference compared to single-frequency options.

KV-AJ2.C-OEM module is based on NTLab`s high-performance ASICs: RFFE, baseband, anti-jamming processors.