KV-AJA3-OEM Triple band antenna array

  • Three band multi constellation anti-jamming phase antenna array
  • 4-element
  • 4 receive channels for each frequency band
  • Three band protection combined with Anti-Jamming GNSS Receiver (KV-AJ3-OEM)
  • Easy to integrate, ideal for retrofitting


This is 4-elements Phased Array Antenna with frequency filtering at the antenna inputs and LNA on-board. The Anti-Jamming function is achieved by using it together with Anti-Jamming GNSS receiver which includes an Anti-Jamming GNSS processor. Signals acquired by Array Antenna are digitized and processed with KV-AJ3 high dynamic range receiver after which the navigation solution is resistant to jammers.

A 4-element antenna array with Anti-Jamming GNSS receiver allow gain pattern shapes to be changed in response to interference. Provides up to 3 independent nulls.



Option 1 Option 2
Frequency band 1559-1609 MHz,

1205-1250 MHz

1164-1214 MHz

1559-1609 MHz,

1164-1214 MHz

2480-2510 MHz

Number of antenna elements 4 pcs (L1), 4 pcs (L2), 4 pcs (L5) 4 pcs (L1), 4 pcs (L5), 4 pcs (S)
VSWR <2 <2
Ellipticity <3 dB <3 dB
LNA Gain 20 dB (L1), 24 dB (L2), 21 dB (L5) 20 dB (L1), 21 dB (L5), 20 dB (S)
Isolation between antenna elements TBD TBD
Power supply 5 V 5 V
Current consumption 350 mA 350 mA
Dimensions of antenna (Ø х H) 150 x 14.7 mm 150 x 14.7 mm
Weight of antenna 370 g 370 g