Single band antenna array

  • 4 element antenna array
  • using for the simultaneous anti-jamming protection from multiple directions (up to 3)
  • L1-band protection combined with Anti-Jamming OEM GNSS Module KV-AJ1-OEM
  • enclosureless system
  • easy and rapid to integrate in the unit


This is 4-elements Phased Array Antenna with frequency filtering at the antenna inputs and LNA on-board. Antenna Array forms the core of the system, providing exceptional signal reception and transmission capabilities.

The Anti-Jamming function is achieved by using it combined with Kosminis Vytis Anti-Jamming GNSS receiver which includes an Anti-Jamming GNSS processor. Signals acquired by Array Antenna are digitized and processed with KV-AJ1.1 (KV-AJ1.1-OEM) high dynamic range receiver after which the navigation signals or solution is resistant to jammers.

The antenna is designed for future upgrades, including the potential addition of coverage in L2, L5 and S – band frequencies, as per user requirements.

Number of antenna elements 4
Frequency 1559-1609 MHz (L1)
Ellipticity <3 dB
Gain 24 dB
Isolation between antenna elements > 27 dB
Power supply 3.3 – 5 V
Current consumption 36 mA (typical)
Dimensions of antenna (Ø х H) 200 x 16.1 mm
Weight of antenna 160 g
Cable length 3m
Type of RF connector SMA – M