• Signals supported GPS, Galileo, GLONASS
  • Frequency bands L1
  • Single jammer interference resistance up to 115 dB (J/S)
  • Multiple jammers interference resistance up to 107 dB (J/S)
  • Power consumption <15W
  • Dimensions Ø140 х 56 mm
  • Weight 1400 g


The purpose of the PEGASUS is to ensure stable reception of the navigation signals in L1 band even in presence of jamming. Receiver electronics and 4-channel antenna array are combined in a single enclosure to allow easy installation with minimum cables and wires. The device allows suppressing interferences from up to 3 directions and has improved anti-jamming performance due to new RF chip and improved algorithm. PEGASUS has a digital port for navigation data output, but jamming-free cleared RF signal can also be delivered to external non-protected GNSS receiver to obtain position, velocity, and time. If RF out is used, device turns to “Anti-jamming antenna”.