Multi band Anti-Jamming OEM GNSS Module

  • Multi-band anti-jamming GNSS OEM module: up to 3 frequency bands simultaneously (consider specified options)
  • Multi-system solution: GPS / Galileo / NavIC (IRNSS)/ GLONASS / BeiDou can be used (consider specified options)
  • Up to 100 dB J/S performance
  • Small size: 113 х 78 mm
  • Low power consumption: 5…12.8 W (depending on options)
  • Support of up to 3 jammers simultaneously for each of frequency bands
  • Receiver based on own NTLab’s high-performance ASICs: RFFE, baseband, anti-jamming processors
  • Up-converter RF output for external GNSS receivers
  • Internal receiver with INS, RAW data and with velocity, acceleration option by request
  • IP or MIL case option (see the KV-AJx and KV-AJx-A series)


The purpose of using the KV-AJx-OEM module is to ensure stable reception of the navigation signal in conditions of staged interference. The module can be used with the KV-AJAx phased antenna array (see the antenna array description page), and can be separately integrated into a third-party device. These OEM modules can also be presented in the form of rugged enclosure version with external connectors to meet the requirements of IP or MIL-STD (please see KV-AJx or KV-AJx-A blocks).

Coupled with the use of a multi-band 4-element antenna array (the module can be provided by Kosminis Vytis), the tri-band solution (AJ3-OEM) allows to suppress interferences in up to 3 directions on 3 frequency plans simultaneously. This approach provides significantly higher protection against interference compared to single-frequency options. KV-AJx-OEM can be connected to external GNSS receiver or internal receiver based by own NTLab’s ASIC with INS, RAW data and with velocity, acceleration option by request.